Thursday, August 07, 2003

NED Uncut

The peacewalk track

cars' hangout

Recognize this place?

The end of the famous corridor

Bilal bhai marching towards his 'manzil'


More of the same

Road leading to the labs

The classrooms

Greenery- a rarity in NED

More greenery

White house in the distant

View from the library's entrance

The 'Whitehouse'

A picturesque view of the deans' quarters

Dean's den in the background

Approaching the mech corner

This kid looks interested in the dog

But the dog isn't

view-of-library-from-the-deans' quarters

Fleeting-glance-at-the-mech corner

Mech corner from the backside

Mech corner shrouded in greenery

Mech. deptt's best view

The 2nd peacewalk track